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Notre Dame Interview

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@aroundandabout on the main cycle thread had an interview with ND, and reported this:

"I came back to share my interview experience with eveybody else. Maybe it could be of help for those who are interviewing with ND! So the professor asked three questions, why ND, what field I am most interested in (including a possible minor field). The last question was most difficult. My POI asked me where I have been accepted to, here, I kind of panicked because I didnt know whether telling them the whole list was appropriate, but I blurted out the list. My POI asked how much possibiity there is for me to go to ND if I were accepted. As ND was one of my top choices in terms of fit, I said the possibility was high. The follow up question was what the deciding factor of choosing a school would be, so I replied that the visitation weeks would be most crucial since I belive what I feel being at a certain school with particular faculty would be most important. For those who receive a similar question (the last one) how would you reply without seeming rude or undecided where to go (as all the schools I have been admitted to are a great fit)?"

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Re-read your SOP or, better still, re-read it and have it to hand. I didn't and was a bit worried I looked unprepared as there were a couple of points that I sort of talked around, which I know I dealt with in my SOP. (But it was, overall, a very pleasant chat.)

Good luck!

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@cydxb Thanks for letting me know! My interviewer only said "soon," but couldn't tell me exactly what soon meant lol. I was considering reaching out to him, since flights out of my area are really expensive and, if I wanted to visit, I'd have to book soon. But I don't want to be pushy, so I'll wait until Friday at least.

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