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IEOR/OM PhD Decision: Calgary or UCF


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Hi, everyone

I applied several industrial engineering/operations research/operations management PhD for Fall 2017. 

So far I have one offer from University of Calgary, PhD in Operations & Supply Chain Management with 4 years financial support. I also have another offer from University of Central Florida, PhD in Industrial Engineering, two professors there are actively asking me to join their research group with RA position guaranteed. 

This is a tough decision for me. 

Suppose I am planning to pursue academia job,

1) Would a business OM/SCM PhD degree from Calgary B-school (Haskayne) help me to get a faculty position in USA (that's right I want to work in USA)?

2) Does a PhD in industrial engineering from UCF prevent me from find any faculty position in USA?

I understand that for a PhD, we shouldn't look the school ranking too much and eventually your research publication will speaks for you. But I need to hear some other opinion. Basically I got a bachelor degree in business administration and a master in IE and another master in pure OR, I am ok to work on some relatively soft research in B-school as well as technical stuff in engineering school. The advisors from both Calgary and UCF all match my research interest. 

Any thought is welcome! Please, thank you!


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