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Vague sign offs


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I feel like smacking my face or hitting my forehead on my desk every time I think about one of my potential advisor. Ever since we met in person 2 months ago, he always signs off his e-mail as "Let's keep in touch." I've tried to follow up with more questions and enthusiasm until my application was turned in. The ball's in my court in terms of e-mailing but it's really in his court as he's reading my app file now, probably.

As much I'm comforted that he consistently ended his e-mails that way (considering that my other potential advisors didn't end anything like that other than "I'm looking forward to reading your application!"), I'm annoyed at this point. I'd really like to work with him and keep him aware of the fact that I DO want to attend his school over my current school (I'm in terminal MA but applying for PhD). Just having that is making the wait a bit unbearable. When I look at the e-mail, I think, "What do you want me to do?!"

*sigh* I've asked one of my professors about this and he has no answer for me. Anyone in the same boat? :huh:

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Yep, I had a few of those, too. I even got one from someone who told me flat out she couldn't help me because she's only an adjunct professor, but she wanted to "keep talking". I was genuinely interested in continuing a dialogue with her because her work interested me greatly, regardless of the fact that she couldn't help me out. When I tried to contact her again, I never heard back. It is incredibly frustrating, and one of my personal pet peeves is when people say something they don't really mean. I try to be understanding and think the professors who say these things are probably just extremely busy, but it is disheartening.

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