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(TISLP) 2017 Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program


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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone else is applying to TISLP 2017 this year. I just turned in my app today but haven't heard of many others on grad cafe applying.  I'm also a semi finalist for CLS Advanced Chinese. I came across the program while looking on the American Councils site - anxiously trying to get as much information about CLS to fill the void of having to wait with a delayed notification date. But the program obviously was not heavily advertised, no one in my Chinese Language Flagship program (student and directors/professors) have heard any information about it. Is it new this year or relatively new? If there are any people who have done the program I would love to hear about you all's experience in the class room and in Tainan, Taiwan, or if anyone else is applying I would love to anxiously wait it out with y'all  

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I don't know much about the program but I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. I think you're going to have a great time in Taiwan and it's going to be so full of adventures. The whole culture is so different from USA but also has a modern twist to it. If you're brave, I think you're going to like the food a lot! Good luck on your program!

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I saw your post on the CLS forum and thought that I would just drop in and say hey. I just heard about this program and luckily the deadline isnt until April. I hope to fall back on this one if i dont get CLS. I sent an email out to see how long they take with their notification, since its so late out in the year and they had said that they were going give notification out within a week. Its not CLS, Idk how hard it is (TISLP) compared to CLS, but you cant really complain about 5,000 dollars given to you and its to all the recipients at that. 

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