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  1. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    As far as I know, they are still in their planning stage. So I don't think anything will be out in the public in the soon future.
  2. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Seems like they will eventually accept 24 students, but not this year.
  3. Genetic Counseling Fall 2018 Applicants

    Hi guys! I'm here to help. I understand the ups and downs of the application process and though (luckily) I got in the first round, I know that it is very difficult to have to redo the application program. I personally know the directors of the KGI program (actually they are discussing their rotations ideas right next to me right now) and I want to let you guys know that they are amazing amazing people with a great outlook on how the program is going to be and how to cater to their student's education. They can be opinionated in some ways, but it all makes sense for the greater good of education, rotations, students, etc. I'm sure you guys will looooove them. As for GRE prep. I used the kaplan book primarily, and the Ready4GRE app. I strongly recommend this app. I don't think it's free anymore and I know you might not take a phone app seriously. But I worked on it while I was commuting and by the end of the app, it's surprising how much I've learned without actually knowing I'm learning that much. It kinda passively trickles in during my commute. No intense memorizing or anything, just practice practice practice with that app.
  4. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    I replied on the application page only. I was just wondering if I should have called. But she did say that to accept, we just need to do it online, so I'm guessing it's fine.
  5. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    Oh that is a bummer But I am happy we are going to be classmates!!! Do you know how many spots are still open for SLC? Will their waitlist still be moving?
  6. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

  7. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    Did you give up on USF!? Don't give up yet!! I don't know what spot I have but I declined it really soon after I got the waitlist offer. But in case you don't get in! YAY! Then we are gonna be classmates It was certainly very nice to meet you!! Congrats!! Finally! I saw you giving up earlier and now I'm sure you're ecstatic!!
  8. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    Hi guys! Congrats on all the acceptances so far! I just finally brought myself to come on here after a hectic day yesterday. I was rejected from John Hopkins and Mt. Sinai, my top 2 schools, but was offered SLC, my third choice. I'll be rejecting wait list from USF, UCI. I waited a little for CSU Stan as they said I was top of the waitlist, and now I have a spot, but I'll be rejecting the spot shortly after I talk to my parents (I have not told them anything yet lol). So hopefully you guys waiting on CSU Stan will move up! This means...Sarah Lawrence!
  9. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    I interviewed there last Friday. It was just a standard interview. You arrive, they have an info session with everyone. Then there are 2 slots of interview, you will have 1 of the 2 slots, each 45-ish minutes. Then lunch with current students. Then 2 slots of interviews where you will have 1 of the 2 again. So overall, 2 interviews each 45 minutes, and 2 slots where you roam around and chat with the other applicants by yourself. They focus on your resume/CV and personal statement. I had forgotten that they had asked about a personal experience with death or genetic conditions in their personal statement so that sort of threw me off when I was asked about it. My other personal statements had not included that bit. Some people, including me, got some scientific questions where they give you a scenario and want you to think out loud to how the scenario came to be. I was a little thrown off about it, but they seemed understanding that some of us have been out of school for a while so the genetic terminologies may not be fresh in our brain. As long as you can reason it out in your head and think of some possibilities, they seem to accept the answers. Mine is this Friday too! I'll see you there!! Hi! Welcome! I took my GRE twice. First time I took it, I haphazardly studied about 2 weeks from books, but didn't do much practice questions, and just "YOLO took it". I got average. Then last year I took it again in October with more effort in studying. I highly recommend downloading the Magoosh GRE words app and do the flashcards whenever you're free. There is also an app called Prep4GRE or Ready4GRE. It's free and I cannot thank it enough. I feel like even though I was sort of skeptical on how it would have helped (as it is a little buggy and messy sometimes), it really prepared me for the GRE. It being an app on the phone really encouraged spontaneous studying. So I would do the verbal sections whenever I'm commuting, and leave the math sections for when I can sit down and do them. Although it is an app and is not super detailed in explanation, I think by the time you finish all the little modules in there, you pretty much have a thorough glimpse on the tricky questions on the test. On top of that I bought some prep books, but I had worked through them for my first attempt. By the second attempt I relied mostly on the ready4GRE app and the practice tests to just practice, and focus less on concepts. For the essay questions, I spent the day before the test just reading over lots of practice essays. Noted some words that I could use to seem smarter and some ways to format the issues to save time on the GRE. I didn't do any practice essays, just went straight for it at the test. It may seem daunting, but I'm sure if you give it a good month of studying, you can do pretty well. I also discovered I learn better with practice questions instead of focusing on concepts, but that's a personal preference. My scores ended up a lot higher than I expected myself to do. Good luck!!!
  10. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    I've only interviewed at Mt. Sinai, Sarah Lawrence, and UCI so far. Before the interviews, I had a semi-clear list of my school ranking, after half the interviews, I threw the list out, just because I learned waaaaay more about each program during the interview that my idea of them from their sites are all generic information that doesn't really matter anymore. The biggest impression the 3 school made so far is the difference in student lifestyle and learning environment. Mt. Sinai is set in a medical school building in Manhattan, they take classes with medical students and therefore their program is structured in a way that some classes cannot be altered to fit their needs. However, with a class size of 8 to 12, the specific GC classes can be tailored, which is nice. Students seem to have lots of fun in Manhattan, nice student apartments around, and seem pretty close-knit as friends. Sarah Lawrence is in a liberal arts school, so you see the graduate students walking around campus along with undergraduates. My impression of the program felt like a really nice seminar style classes in undergraduate, while also having a professional aspect during rotation. Apparently, classes are dogs friendly and seem quite casual. They constantly make changes to the program based on student feedback, since they aren't operating under a hierarchy of authority (like medical schools). Staff is super lovely. Students talk about volunteering and life in New York and hanging out outside of class, etc. UCI is set in a medical office building, everyone is dressed professional, take classes inside an office-setting (like in a meeting room), and the 8 students share a cubicle area. Overall impression of the program felt like a 9 to 5 job (confirmed by students). Students say they don't have much time for anything else like volunteering (unlike the other 2 schools). You're pretty much confined to the one building except during your rotations. The staff was cool too, and it seems like class is less formal than, say, Mt. Sinai, since it felt more like a group meeting rather than a lecture (at least for that one class we attended). Students felt more like colleagues than friends. So far I think the environment has struck me as the most dynamic among the 3 programs. Of course there are other things like rotations, courses, volunteering, location, but it just seemed like they sold their programs pretty well in general. You really wouldn't know about the lifestyle and environment differences if you don't talk to the students.
  11. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    Everything looks good! If you have nude tights, I'd prefer nude tights. I don't have one so I'm going with black. Make sure your new flats don't kill your feet either! I bought new flats and it killed my feet...gonna take a while longer to break them in. I'm also wearing a skirt to my interview but I've been warned that since it's in NY, I'm gonna freeze. People have been telling me to wear dress pants, but they simply don't look good on me (hence I'm not comfy in them either).
  12. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    Whoa! That sounds like a long stressful trip but also fun. I wish I could join but our schools don't match!
  13. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully the coming ones will be better! I'll keep you posted about Mt. Sinai! Same. I felt like the more I thought about the upcoming interviews, the more anxious I am. And in all honesty, I'm not even sure how exactly to prep for the interviews. I just brainstormed ideas and reviewed my volunteer experiences in my head. I'm crocheting for self-care
  14. Genetic Counseling Fall 2017 Applicants

    It's been kind of quiet this weekend. How's everyone holding up with their interviews? I have my first one this Wednesday at Mt. Sinai. We all got so far already and it's definitely a stressful time to be in. Don't forget to relax and de-stress once in a while! Good luck!