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Joining a lab post-bacc


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Hello all, 

I am still waiting on the results of my graduate school applications for fall 2017. I am in a gap year and while I was working full time outside of my field (Biology), I recently have been laid off. During my undergraduate studies, I spent several years in a particular lab, which ultimately resulted in several projects completed and publications. My experience in this lab inspired me to pursue graduate school and was an overall positive experience resulting in many friendships and a lot of personal growth. While I do have the option of going back to the lab that I worked in undergrad to do additional research, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about reaching out to PIs from neighboring schools to see if they need volunteer researchers for the upcoming summer months. I am interested in networking and reaching beyond the lab that I feel safe in from undergrad. :) Additionally, I think it would be nice to work in a different environment before beginning graduate school this fall. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you!

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