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17 minutes ago, Lois1955 said:

I am a Pitt MSW alum, great school and a lot more funding for student now. Apply to the different fellowships. 

I didn't received no scholarships because of my gpa being under a 3.0 what kind of fellowships do they have or other scholarship I can apply too. I really want to visit upitt but I won't be able to make it during the open house, I might try to make it this week

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I had some funding issues about 10 years ago when I first started. It was because I did not visit, lived very far away and I did get what I was told in writing. I ended up getting scholarship money on the back end. That maybe an option for you. I saw recently you have to have a high GPA for schoolships. Look at the section on the website about fellowships. I don't know the details, but there is money there. I was on campus recently so saw all the promo for fellowships, look at the webpage. I know there is money for MSW/MPH, aging, all MSW programs have funding for child welfare. Sometimes students do apply for programs because they don't want to focus on that population. Get the money, it does not matter. Once you graduate and get you social work license you can work with any population. For example if it is money to work with older adults, apply to that fellowship. You can work with older adults in that field for a limited time and switch later. Hope this is helpful. 

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Me!  Anyone advanced standing?  What kind of field placements are you looking at?  

To anyone who is advanced standing and attending Pitt, fill out the field placement form and start the field process now http://www.socialwork.pitt.edu/academics/msw/field-education.  No one from the school reached out about field, but when I spoke to the dean of admissions last fall he recommended starting the process as soon as you're admitted.  All of the first years are applying now.  I'm not sure at what point the school usually reaches out to start looking into field, but you don't want to get stuck with the leftovers.  

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