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  1. Anybody attending case western reserve university this upcoming fall 2017. I just recently paid my enrollment deposit and excited to be going back to school this upcoming semester. Trying meet a few people before the school start.
  2. I got into Pitt, visiting the school today and having a meeting with the director. I'll let you know how it goes. As for the application process, I applied the first week of December and found out I got accepted the first week. It was a quick turnaround
  3. I didn't received no scholarships because of my gpa being under a 3.0 what kind of fellowships do they have or other scholarship I can apply too. I really want to visit upitt but I won't be able to make it during the open house, I might try to make it this week
  4. Thank you, my GPA was on the low end but I have 2 years of experience in the social service field
  5. I heard back within a few days of applying, but I did apply early December and found out a few days later
  6. Anybody attending university of Pittsburgh this upcoming fall?
  7. I hope so too. Wasn't what I wanted to hear but at least it's not a rejection
  8. Got placed on the alternate list for UofM, if anybody decided they no longer want to attend, please don't wait until the last min to withdraw
  9. I'm sure first offers will start going out tomorrow and every Friday until the 15th
  10. Btw my application was submitted on December 5th, completed on December 8th and decision was available on December 9th. So I'm not sure if they was reviewing my application as I was working on it or if they started when it was completed but there you go. I'm guessing i might have applied at a good time when it wasn't many applying
  11. I applied and heard back within 2 weeks in December. Got the noticed both by email but the view decision link came up online before the email
  12. Congrats, when did you get accepted?
  13. I'm U.S, but my grades were low so they wanted to talk about that before going over my application
  14. I hope I get that soon, I had to interview with them last week so I should find out by the end of this month.
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