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CGS-M GPA question


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I took 22 courses in my last two years, and then took two courses out of interest in the year following graduation. Does anyone know if those two courses would be included in my GPA calculation for CGS-M since I already had a full courseload in the last two years of my degree? 

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The official guidelines for the CGS-M doesn't include any instructions or specifications on how the GPA is to be computed. It only requires that the GPA be used as part of the evaluation of the "academic excellence" criteria (which itself is worth 50% of the weight).

Therefore, since the CGS-M is evaluated by each school separately, this is something that might vary from school to school. I would imagine that most evaluation committees would look at both cumulative GPA as well as the last 60 credits (or equivalent) and maybe also the GPA for upper level courses in your major. There may be different weights for these GPAs that vary from school to school. This is part of the reason why they want to see your transcripts---they can then calculate whatever metrics they'd like from it.

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