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Hi all, 

I have been accepted to both Yale as well as Cornell for the MArch 1 program. Got rejected from the GSD, very bummed out about it.

I have got some funding from Cornell but am waiting to hear about funding from Yale to ask for more funding (any information on additional funding opportunities for International students would be very helpful) .

Unfortunately as an international student I wont be able to attend the open House at either and am really relying on you guys's past and present experiences to help me decide.

I am going to tell you a little bit about what I want to get from my degree and then my current perceptions of the two colleges. Your insights would be really appreciated!

I already have a non professional Architectural undergraduate degree. Post starting my MArch 1 program I want to take classes in Urban planning as well as Landscape Architecture to eventually do a Dual degree with whichever one I resonate with more along with my MArch1. SO all in all I am looking at a program that would be interdisciplinary with an environmental, urban and social outlook or agenda.

My current perceptions about the two colleges:


20-24 kids per batch so more individual attention.

Offers a Masters in Regional Planning as well as a Masters in Landscape Architecture and are willing to do a customized program in order to help me achieve whichever Dual Degree I would like to do. But just the fact that they offer these to masters makes me think the opportunity of a interdisciplinary education is higher.

I am not fully aware about how good the facilities at Cornell are compared to Yale as I have heard Yale as the best facilities.

Extremely secluded location which maybe makes getting certain types of faculty more difficult than Yale.



55 or so kids per batch.

Although it doesnt have an Urban Planning program or department it has an amazingly well renowned Forestry department which offers a dual degree with MArch 1 and Environmental management.

Lack of an Urban planning department makes me wonder how much of the bigger picture or urban context and interdisciplinary study is given importance at the program. 

They have extremely well renowned faculty coming and the school has a stellar reputation (Even though Cornell is ranked #2 After the GSD)

They have state of the art facilities (I read somewhere even better than the GSD?)

I have heard the school is very theoretically oriented, a little old school (even about design) and not very Diverse.


Any inputs or thought or experiences would be very very helpful in trying to help me figure out which of these schools is more right for me. I look forward to hearing from you all and have a great day! 

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