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Rhetoric or Literature MA and PhD?

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Hello all,

I think I make a similar post about every two months, but time for sending out applications is quickly approaching. I get more nervous with each week, and I still have so many questions about this huge journey.

So I will be applying for MA programs in either lit studies or composition. I am hoping someone can give me a rundown of how each program would differ. What goes on in a lit program that doesn't in a composition? How would a thesis for each be different?

Will pursuing a literature MA hurt my chances of getting into a rhetoric PhD if I change my mind?

How would the eventual career course for each differ? What would I be teaching or researching with a rhetoric degree? I have worked in writing centers and have done undergrad research and publishing in writing center studies, but I don't think I want to make a career of writing center work. What else does a rhetoric track offer?

Overall, I am looking for any information on the differences between the two programs. Thanks!

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