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Deciding between MAT grad programs

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I've been accepted into Brown, Brandeis, BU, Lynch, HGSE and Tufts for their MAT/Ed.M programs and have absolutely no idea which to choose. 

Tufts offered me a full tuition scholarship alongside an Urban Teachers Teaching Collaborative Fellowship that'll give me about $12k. I haven't received any financial aid from HGSE, I should be hearing relatively soon. BU gave me a $33k scholarship, Brown gave me a $32,645 scholarship and BC didn't give me any money (although I'm waiting on the Donovan Program to respond to me- they offer full tuition scholarships as well) Money is of course a factor but I don't want it to be the only reason I choose a program. I also wouldn't be able to work so aside from taking out a loan to pay for the remainder of the tuition I'd need to take out about $20k to pay my bills, rent, etc.

Has anyone gone to any of these programs/been accepted and comment on them? I live in Peabody and will probably commute so I'm thinking of declining Brown's offer but I'm still not sure. Any bit of information helps! Thank you!

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