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I don't have an acceptance from Waterloo yet, but I'm really confused between these 2 programs. Waterloo would probably cost less than half of Dartmouth. However, taking tuition out of the picture, which one in your opinion seems better? Kindly keep in mind that I also hope to get some exposure/work ex after my graduation. Please send in your suggestions. all your opinions are welcome and would be highly appreciated.


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First of all, thanks a lot for responding!

Now getting to your question, I haven't received any funding yet but there's a chance that I might get 20%-40% partial scholarship on tuition fees(cost after scholarship- USD 60k). I am looking to work in a stable role in fintech/analytics for a few years. Country doesn't really matter. I just don't want to regret giving up Dartmouth(Ivy League) for Waterloo(Cost w/o any assistance even if I extend my program for a year and plan to do co-op=USD 25k at max). How is Waterloo's reputation? and will it add to my CV in terms of brand if I plan to do my mba from an Ivy in the future.

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