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Status "on hold" ??


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Hey there! So I'm confused about a situation with a PhD program. Here's the story: About 2 weeks ago I get a call from school and they're saying they're calling to see if I'm still interested and I say I am and then we chat for a few and she says she'll be in touch with more information about interviews and whatnot. So a couple weeks pass and I'm impatient and it's getting late in the application season so I sent an email and asked for a status update. She says my status is still "on hold" but that they're still interested in my application. Does this just mean they haven't made decisions yet? I just want some reassurance!

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It sounds to me like they either received extra funding that wasn't expected (allowing them to debate about which POIs get to accept a student when they may not have been able to before) or they've sent out their first-round offers and they're worried that most of their applicants are taking offers elsewhere so they're preparing back-ups to fill in their spots as needed. 

It could be something else entirely as well, but those scenarios seem most likely to me. I'd be a little frustrated if I were in your position when the only info they're giving you is that you're "on hold"... I would, POLITELY, try to probe for more details... Like, "on hold" for what?

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Ohh I hope it's the funding. When the prof originally called me she said they had just finished their first round of screening so I don't *think* I'm in the second round. And their app due date was pretty late so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. 

I was already feeling really anxious about sending the initial email so I didn't feel like pushing further into it. I figure I'm not rejected so that's good news. If I don't hear anything in another 2 weeks I think I may email again because by then we're really close to April! 

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