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Do conference organizers typically notify you of rejection in addition to acceptance?

The first and only other conference I've applied to accepted my proposal, but the second conference was supposed to make decisions by end of Feb, and I haven't heard anything back.

Wondering if it's a silent rejection? 

This is humanities...

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Usually you get notified of both acceptances and rejections. Have you checked the conference website to see if they've updated their timeilne? Also, if there is a program online, that's a good hint that you've been rejected. If there's no information, you could email the organizers to ask, that would be totally fair. Just do it politely, not passive-aggressively; sometimes the software organizers use gets buggy and notifications get lost through no fault of their own, and occasionally (often!) reviewers are late, and that slows down the selection process. 

(Also, typo fixed!)

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Ahhh thanks for fixing that typo :)

By good fortune I literally just received an email notifying me of acceptance :) Yay! 

...Oh, crap, now I actually have to write the thing! 

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