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U of T vs UBC for information management?


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Hello! In the fall I'll be going to school for information management and I'm trying to decide between UBC's master of library and information studies or U of T's master of information. I'm really stumped about which school to choose, as both schools and programs have seemingly equal benefits/negatives. Does anyone have any advice? Is either school or program considered more hireable? I'm hoping to do the concurrent master option with archival studies if I choose UBC and would choose the archival/library sciences concentrations at U of T. Are there any major failings for either programs?

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UT iSchool has a good reputation in the country but UBC program is just as awesome. One thing about UT program is that you can specialize in 2 concentrations if you choose to do so. If you want to get additional 'major' under your belt, UT might be a good choice. Also, consider financial component as well. Are they providing funding? How about the tuition difference/cost of living? It is super expensive to live in Vancouver and Toronto 

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Where would you like to work after you graduate? Try to find out where past grads have ended up working at both schools as well as any connections that the profs might have. If you prefer to live closer to home after you graduate, perhaps Vancouver will end up providing you with the most connections closer to home, but that is not always the case. Always best to do your research before deciding.

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