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Pressure to make a decision


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I applied to Bama, Rutgers, and Syracuse for Masters of Information/Library Science. I just found out Monday that I was accepted to Rutgers and I was told I need to decide pretty soon (within the next week-two weeks) if I am going to accept the offer. I was hoping to hear back from the other schools before I had to make a decision but it doesn't look like that is the case. I know my application for Bama is "under review by department" as of 2/16 and my application for Syracuse is "under review" as of 2/8 and I was told it would be 2-3 weeks for them to make a decision...and it's been 4 weeks now. 

Honestly, Syracuse is my top pick but I'm worried that if I wait too long for Syracuse's answer, whatever it would be, then I'll miss out on Rutgers or if I jump the gun and accept the offer from Rutgers then I would miss out on Syracuse (granted they accepted me of course) 


Any advice? 

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Perhaps speak to the secretary of the department. Explain your situation briefly, that their school is your first choice but you've received an offer and need to accept or decline within 2 weeks and you'd like to know when they expect to make final decisions.

From what you describe, it sounds like they are slightly behind schedule. But if luck it on your side, they will be sending out responses soon.

Congrats on your acceptance!

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