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New QS Ranking of Theology, Divinity, and Religious Studies programs


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The UK-based QS World University Rankings has issued subject rankings for "Theology, Divinity, and Religious Studies" for the first time. It may be of interest to readers of this forum. There are some limitations in that this ranking only includes universities, so standalone seminaries are not included. Thus, major institutions like Union Theological Seminary and Fuller Seminary are not included. Even so, it provides an interesting international perspective, with some definite surprises. Link here: https://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/university-subject-rankings/2017/theology-divinity-religious-studies


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22 minutes ago, menge said:

Interesting, if mostly useless, and even misleading. 

Agreed. The logic of the ranking is not stated, and none is apparent in its ordering. Not to mention that the subfields under "Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies" are so diverse, and the specializations of certain schools so idiosyncratic, that ranking of schools under that broad category would be difficult in the first place.

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