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USC Sol Price vs. Columbia SIPA vs. Harvard Graduate School of Education


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I was accepted to Columbia SIPA (no funding), Harvard Graduate School of Education for Education Policy and Management (waiting on package) and USC Sol Price (half tuition).

Ultimately, I am interested in studying policy and management. However, I would like to work in consulting/private sector post-grad.

I would love to attend SIPA but the cost is just outrageous...however, if the alumni network and job prospects are worth it, I'll consider it.

Right now, my top choice is Harvard grad considering the lower cost. I am just worried that the job prospects would not be as great as SIPA's.

I am currently 24 and most of my experience is in the entertainment industry. I would love to get a policy degree, and then down the line apply my background to TV/film industry somehow. USC is am option because of this as well.

HGSE has Anne Sweeney (former Disney president) as an alum, and her journey is inspiring.

Either way, any insight you all can provide would be great.
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I'm curious how you researched your programs and what specifically brought your to these three. It seems more logical to go something along the route of a Global Communications program. Putting the Ivy League brand aside, I think USC would be a really great fit if you can take classes at Annenberg while at Sol Price.

Also, it's nice that you're thinking of a HGSE alum to feel inspired about a program, but I'm not sure that's the best way to consider what best suits your career goals.

Anyway, excellent choices to have. I think they'd be all great whatever you choose.

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This is all very confusing. Unless you want to work in education, I don't understand why you'd go to HGSE. I doubt HGSE is the cornerstone of Anne Sweeney's success - after all, a lot of grads can't get jobs in the field and must look elsewhere, and sometimes they get lucky. If you want to work in education (or policy), I don't understand what that has to do with Hollywood. If you want to be an exec in an entertainment company, get an MBA.

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