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Scripps NMR instruments


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Is this about Scripps Institution of Oceanography? Because the chemistry department is not a department of Scripps, it is a department of UCSD. Scripps is the oceanography department at UCSD. If you're talking about the Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry subdepartment within Scripps, I don't know if we have any NMR machines, but we'd definitely be allowed access to any instruments in UCSD's chemistry department.

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I'm going to assume you're discussing the NMR for either protein/structural work or for smaller molecule work. They have a 600, one 500 two 400s, a 300, and a 250. If you meant small molecule, then overall they have 3 NMRs for you, if you were looking at macromolecules, then they have 2. Note: I am not at Scripps, just interested in joining their structural biophysics program, so have looked it up previously. 

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