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SAIS vs Georgetown vs GWU


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Hola all! I am an international student standing at the crossroad choosing among the three universities: SAIS, GGT McCourt and GWU MIA.

Here are the details:

I want to work in US for at least one year and then either go back home country or if possible, stay in US. As for career, I want to choose private sectors like consulting, media or multilateral organizations like World Bank, etc. I want to spend on tuition and other stuff for no more than 150k USD. It's already very expensive but as I want to study in DC and I look forward to earning that back, I guess that's OK.

SAIS arranged my first year in Bologna which makes me feel a little bit broken...I mean I want to spend two years in DC for easier working connection or internship opportunities. This one year oversea seems not that useful comparing with the one year in DC. But its econ classes may be very useful in job market? And it seems SAIS is perhaps the most expensive school I have ever heard in this area, amounting to almost 170k USD. 

Georgetown seems good as the McCourt school is very quant-heavy and may grant me with hard skills in job market. It's 150K USD. 

GWU gave me a peanut of 6000 USD for 4 semesters. It seems that it will be the cheapest among the three as it only requires 40 credits. But the downside is it gives evening classes and as a no-previous-working-experience undergraduate, I worry that I may not form solid connection with my classmates. 

International Students may face multiple obstacles in terms of employment so I want to maximize my chance by investing this big heavy amount of money wisely...Really looking forward to your suggestions! Thank you!

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Hey @Jamie666, you're absolutely right about the DC advantage. I'm an international applicant as well and will be attending the McCourt School this Fall. Disclaimer : I've spoken to 2 people about doing an MPP in DC. BOTH are McCourt alum. One is working at the World Bank and the other is working at the Centre for Global Development. 

I got a clear indication from both of them that they found it easier to get a job in DC because of the Quant skills that McCourt equips you with (in comparison to their friends who studied at SAIS and GWU). 

I do agree with you about the fact that doing both years in DC will make it easier for you to get a job. 

However, (I've heard that) once in a job market, it doesn't matter which university you obtained your master’s degree from. Also, domestic students from either of the three universities you've mentioned do not find it difficult to secure a job in the government. 

I hope that helps. 


Natasha Ahuja 

(From India) 

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@nahuja32,thank you for your info! That's very impressive hearing about the spots in WB. Still have some questions like: Are they domestic or international? 

Besides, I also feel SAIS alumni network is strong as they have 400 students per year and they have been connecting me several times since application starts.

It helps a lot! Thank you again!


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@Jamie666, international students.

I'm quite certain the Georgetown alumni network is equally strong. I've heard Georgetown has a better international standing as well (through several comments on a blog I was reading earlier today) 

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Look at the upsides of having evening classes at GW. You could feasibly get a paid internship / job during the day, further building your network during your graduate school years. Though I totally feel you on building a strong community with your peers, I feel like all three of these DC schools are more about getting experience in DC (through internships) so that you can get your foot in the door for your post-grad job. 

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