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  1. McCourt has a capstone project as well. And as for internships, you won't be able to work off campus for the first year at any of the other schools as well. That isn't such a huge issue (in my opinion). You'll always have international organisations and like you mentioned as a point under SIPA, you could build connections with your professors during this time. Furthermore, esp for someone with lack of work experience (I'm in the same boat), I feel DC is particularly advantageous. And I completely agree with @thex11factor about disagreeing with you on the last point under Georgetown. That being said, it seems pretty evident that your gut tells you to go with Sanford. I'd say you should follow your gut. They seem at par in my eyes. Best of luck making the final decision. Just make sure you aren't underestimating McCourt's reputation to make the decision easier (as @3dender mentioned).
  2. Hey @DogsArePeopleToo, I'm going to be attending Georgetown as well. I've heard the best places to stay are in Glover Park and in Rosslyn. In fact, I've already found a place to stay (Eaves, Glover Park) and will be paying $710 per month. From what I've heard, a 2 bedroom apartment shared among 3 people turns out to be pretty reasonable. I'd recommend you take a look at Eaves, Glover Park online. It's a popular place to stay among students and is only a 7 min cycle away! Best, Natasha Ahuja
  3. This is a fabulous list. Thanks a lot will surely be doing a few of these over the summer!
  4. I haven't been interviewed (yet?) but I can see the change in my portal as well. It still says 'physical application verified' and 'N/A' and, just like the others, there is no link under the new column created.
  5. @sleeplesswithcoffee, you get the opportunity to do both at McCourt. It depends on which professor you work with and what they're working on. I heard about it through 3 recent alumni (graduated in 2016). They are currently working in DC and their RAship helped them secure a job.
  6. Hey! I'm just going to comment on McCourt and the DC advantage. @PolicyStud is absolutely right about how the rankings are not all that important and the schools he has named are the same ones I've repeated heard of. I'm going to be attending the McCourt School this Fall. I've chosen McCourt because of the following - 1. DC gives you the opportunity to work with professors who are working on projects in organisations you'd be interested in joining post graduation. This makes it MUCH easier to get a job post graduation. 2. There is always something or the other going on in DC. As a student, you'll get to attend conferences/ panel discussions/ guest lectures. Basically you enter the policy world the moment school starts (rather than when it ends). Your network will be much wider. 3. I know that the McCourt School focuses a lot on the skills that policystud is talking about. They are Quant heavy. Again, these skills are highly valued in the job market. Overall, I think the McCourt School is FAB. I haven't done much research on the other schools you've mentioned so I'm not going to comment on them. Hope this helps Best of luck. Best, Natasha Ahuja.
  7. @Zoe123, my initial email mentioned that I'd receive and email about financial aid in a week. Does your offer letter say that as well? I don't know if applying early has an advantage when it comes to aid. I highly doubt it does. Either way, best of luck. I hope you do receive aid as well.
  8. Congratulations! You should receive a notification within a week. I have received a 25% tuition waiver.
  9. @thex11factor, it's quite expensive! I wish I could come. Aah. That's sad. I hope they increase my aid (currently 15k per year)! How high is McCourt on your preference list?
  10. @thex11factor, I'm an international student and therefore won't be able to make it for the Open House. However, I will be attending the online chats organised for admitted students. The words 'McCourt community' at the end of one of the emails we've received is a link to a Facebook group for admitted students. Are you part of that group yet? Also, in my negotiation email I requested for an enhancement in the scholarship by making a need-based plea.
  11. @Ella16, you have a fabulous profile! All the best. @Theo20, thanks for the wishes. Here's hoping you do get the desired scholarship
  12. @Amir Shehzad, thank you so much! My profile - Toefl - 114/120 GRE - 163Q, 152V, 4.5AWA Undergraduate degree - Top liberal arts school in India. Graduating with a first division (this May) Also doing a Diploma in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding. Have completed an elementary Arabic course and a graduate certificate in public policy (done these courses along with my undergraduate degree). Internships - one at a media watchdog, one with the policy planning division of the Ministry of External Affairs (government of India) and one at a human rights organisation. Volunteering work - hundreds of hours over my three year course. Have organised fundraisers and have been part of several awareness campaigns. LoRs - One professional and one academic (I'm certain both were extremely well written) Worries - lack of work experience. Inadequate GRE verbal score (though I don't think I sent my GRE score to NUS). Accepted at - Georgetown University (McCourt School - MPP) with $15k funding per year and Hertie School of Governance (Berlin) with a 25% fee waiver. Rejected - Harris, UChicago Waitlisted - Fletcher, Tufts As of now I think I will be going to Georgetown University.
  13. @Jamie666, international students. I'm quite certain the Georgetown alumni network is equally strong. I've heard Georgetown has a better international standing as well (through several comments on a blog I was reading earlier today)
  14. How is it that no one on this thread has got their acceptance /rejection. I hope we're all not getting worried for no reason.
  15. Do check your inbox. My 2 cents worth.
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