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Odds at a Top 10 MPP program- Former Hill Staffer


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Hey all,


I am thinking about applying to an MPP program. 




Merrill Lynch, Gov. Affairs firm, foreign affairs non profit organization

1 Year has fundraising consultant 

2.5 years on Capitol Hill (intern 6 months, staff assistant 2 years)

1 Year as a regulatory Analyst in the private sector 

GWU undergrad low GPA: 2.92

GRE: 161 V

          155 Q 

          4 W


You guys think I have a shot at a top 10 program?

I realize that my GPA is low, I had a bit too much fun in college (additionally dealt with a very difficult time within my family my Sophomore and Junior year- illness and death in the immediate family).

I'm seeing a lot of intern experience here from Capitol Hill but not too much staff experience.  Staff Assistant is a broad term, I was very hands on in my office from a policy standpoint.   I played a substantial role in formulating a response and generating policy initiatives surrounding a nationally known disaster that occurred in my bosses district, which I plan elaborate on in my essay.  I received an offer from a well known firm last fall in the private sector and couldn't say no.   I would consider myself a policy "wonk." I'm a hell of a networker. 

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Hi, the place to post this is AM I COMPETITIVE? We don't make new threads for this sort of thing. Just at a glance though I would say your GPA is very low and your GRE is just okay, if one of these is low you have to make up for it with the other or have extremely impressive work experience. Since there's nothing you can do about your GPA now I would say study a lot and retake the GRE and maybe take some community level econ and stats classes if you didn't do well on those in undergrad. Also focus and pumping up your work ex as much as you can on your CV and getting good letters of recommendation and essays. If you do all that you will be competitive, as is, I couldn't say. 

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