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Targeting Stanford MS&E and Harvard CSE Master; GRE Q164 V162. Should I retake


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Hi all,

I am a student with CS and Marketing degrees, and I am targeting Stanford MS&E and Harvard CSE Master.

I have high GPA, decent research & work experiences (CS related), and at least two strong letters.

However, My GRE, especially Quant, is a bit lower (Q164, 87th percentile). It is awkward score, because it is not too low to get me rejected immediately, neither it is securely high.

Stanford did provide their admission stats here https://msande.stanford.edu/admissions/masters/masters-science-admission-statistics

. Though I am higher than the last year accepted students average in Quant, I don't think I should feel overly auspicious as past average are 166 around.

Since my last semester has started with tons of project works, continuing to contribute time to GRE might be risk. I estimate that spending time on GRE may take time away from my final year projects and courses thus my GPA may be affected.

Should I retake GRE again?


Thanks for any advice :)




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