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I have applied for fall 2017 as a PhD international student at Minnesota university, my GPA is very good (3.71/4) , TOEFL: 106, Math GRE: 80th percentile, my verbal isn't very good. Nonetheless, the university did not require any minimum for the verbal part.

I have been waiting since Nov 2016 for a response and it still is (waiting program decision), now am getting anxious to know what are my chances of getting in!

Did anyone apply for this university before? how long does it usually take to get a response?

Also, which factors are most important for internationals when they apply?




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Hi, what specific program did you apply to? You can check the "results" tab to see if the department has notified accepted students already. 

I think the same factors are important for international and domestic students: the ever-elusive "fit," statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and prior research experience/writing sample [depending on the field]. GRE and GPA, in my experience, won't get you into a school, but they can keep you out: as long as you're above a certain threshold you should be fine. 

Hope this helps, and that you hear good news soon.

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I have applied for PhD in Pharmaceutics 

I have one year research experience and one year teaching experience too.

I have checked "results" tab, nothing is there yet, but not everyone uses Grad Cafe so I can't estimate anything from that!

Thanks for the help though

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Yeah, there really isn't much information for you, unfortunately. :( It's late enough in the season that I think it would be appropriate to send an email to the department asking gently if all decisions had been made. Hope things work out for you!

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