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Should I email them again?



I applied for the MA in Communication Design at CU Boulder. This is a new program (only about to enter into its second year of existence) and currently has rolling admissions. The site says that applicants should get a response in three weeks max. Well, I applied in late January. Three weeks later I still had not gotten a response, but I tried to be patient and gave it a little more time. On March 1st when I still hadn't heard anything, I emailed the program director (I had previously been in contact with him before applying to learn more about the program and be put in touch with current students) asking to check the status of my application. He replied the same day saying that he was meeting with his committee early the following week to finalize decisions. That would have been the beginning of last week. And I still haven't heard anything. It's kind of driving me crazy because I want to go to this school so badly. Would it look bad if I emailed him again? Thanks!

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I have refused to email my program that I haven't heard back from because I'm scared and fearing the worst. But if that isn't a fear for you, if the program told you they would get back to you at a certain time..and a week has passed since that time, I feel like it is completely acceptable to email them again to receive an update. Maybe a call to the program so its not another email?

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