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back-up plans


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Hello all you beautiful aspiring art historians,

Not to be a debbie downer, but I was wondering what people's back up plans were? Anyone applying to other things?

Not a downer at all, but practical-minded. I'm thinking of becomming a hobo and moving too New York. Actually that might be too expensive, so, I might stay in San Francisco and try to find a job...possibly teaching at a private school. I was also considering writing for a literary journal or magazine but I hear those institutions/professions are going under (?)...

This will be my second round of application, and I'm not going to try again after this round. I've been preparing for years, and I'm quite frankly tired, and ready to move forward. Whether it be gradaute school or other, let it come!

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This is my first time applying to PhD programs, so if I'm not accepted this year I plan to work, pay off the UG loans, and try again next year. I already have two MA's, so applying to another MA as a backup was not an option this year.

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A depressing statistic from CAA:

In 2010, "...job postings in art history [will see] an overall decline of 36.9" percent. (Jobs = tenure-track positions.)

From: http://www.collegeart.org/features/jobstatistics

That's after a 14.7 percent decrease in 2009. And it's not like there was a glut of jobs before then.

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My backup plan is to sell the idea of Art History Monopoly to Hasbro. :) Who wants in on it with me? haha

Ok seriously, this is my first time applying. If I get across the board rejection, I will:

1) Re-take the GRE to improve my Quant score. (I spent all my time studying for the verbal and did really well, at the expense of my quant score, which makes me look like I can't add without a calculator) Sure it's not as important but I don't want to give anyone an excuse not to accept me.

2) Find an art-related job because what I'm doing now is almost completely irrelevant to the art community (and the rest of humanity I'd even snidely argue)

3) Apply to more places next year, and be even more neurotic and diligent about it

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Im in my back up plan right now! Ive had an entry level job in the conservation lab of an art museum for about a year and a half since my UG, waiting for my rejection letter for masters (only applied to one school....I know....). Climbing the academic ladder without a higher degree is nearly impossible. I plan on retaking the Gre, and applying for my PhD the next go round. If that dosent work Im going to change to a museum in a better city and try to get some papers published, maybe work on a manuscript. I have applied to fellowships and internships at other museums but unless your enrolled or newly graduated from grad school, forget about it.

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