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  1. Congrats cokohlik! I don't post a whole lot but have some idea of your journey just by reading this message board. I am really super happy for you!
  2. Haven't heard anything from Yale. I talked to my POI in mid-January though, and he told me they received 220 applications for about 10 spots.
  3. jmb04


    Congratulations! Are you coming to UT to work with Shiff?
  4. Hey Hicks, That's definitely interesting. The UCI admit posted it as of 02/14 (tomorrow), so either that person is applying from overseas, or is psychic? For what it's worth, I was interviewed and I haven't heard anything from UCI. Sheesh, now I'm thinking I bombed the phone interview. Great. Ahhh!!! Alright, I'm over it. Back to grading.
  5. jmb04


    I think UT finished reviewing the MA applications last week, but the acceptances seem to have come via personal e-mails from POIs. Perhaps your POI isn't the e-mailing kind, and the DGS hasn't finished sending out the more official notices?
  6. @cassanova - don't worry just yet if you're waiting to hear back for MA but you're seeing results for PhDs. My school reviews those apps separately, for example, and informs the applicant pools separately as well. I imagine other schools would do something similar.
  7. Thanks, tyler88. I e-mailed all the administrative people (grad student coordinators and the like) at the schools, and they all responded in a very friendly manner about how they would update my applicant file and inform the adcoms.
  8. @Hicks - yes, it was for UC Irvine. All the professor said in the e-mail is that I was shortlisted and they wanted to interview me with some informal questions and also give me an opportunity to ask them anything. I'm not sure if they were interviewing everyone they were considering or if they just wanted to talk to "on-the-fence" applicants. When I asked about a timeline for hearing their final decisions, I was told February for initial acceptance, and March for financial offer. @222 - I saw you asked about Austin. I think UT is reviewing MA applicants starting this week, and PhDs after that, though I don't know exactly how soon after.
  9. I was short-listed and had a phone interview for a Visual Studies PhD program (art history is under that "umbrella"). Aside from that, nothing.
  10. I've submitted all my applications but today I found out that I will be speaking at a conference in March. I'm not sure that any of the schools allow for updates on the application though. Does this little nugget of information merit contacting the schools and telling them about it via e-mail? And who would I tell - the grad student coordinator, a POI, DGS...?
  11. I would recommend looking into UT Austin. Richard Shiff and John Clarke are there. As is Katie Arens (German Department).
  12. I offered to send supplementary materials, including another writing sample and rec letter, and the DGS said it wasn't necessary and I just have to wait. Wait wait wait! Ugh. I called an admin to find out where I am on the wait list, but all she could tell me is that there are about 5 people on it. Hopefully I'm the only modernist on it, and that the accepted modernist opts to go elsewhere... and decides it soon!
  13. To curiouser: I too am on a waitlist. The advice I received is that you should contact the DGS right away to let them know how interested you are and to tell them they are your first choice (if indeed they are). I also thought of visiting, especially since I've never been there and it would be tough to make a decision between programs as late as April 14. However, I'm not sure if I have the funds to blow on airfare and lodging for something that may not even pay off. Best of luck to you! If anyone has any other advice, I'd appreciate it too.
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