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NYU or Hunter


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Hi everyone, hoping to gain some insight into Hunter vs. NYU's clinical programs. I have a MA in psych and was hoping to ultimately establish myself as a licensed psychotherapist. Which program would be more applicable?


Cost to consider: I'm in the 32 month program ( with a FT job where I will pay the tuition in 1 year) at nyu with 25% off tuition and have not heard from hunter yet but obviously won't be able to work with this program. 

 Wahhhhhh, SOS

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I have a MSW from NYU and I also have a BA, MSEd, and MA (Psychology) from Hunter. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have  

Honestly, I love NYU and I'm going back for my DSW in the fall. But I really love Hunter and they have an amazing MSW program.  The NYU program put me in serious hardcore student loan debt. The Hunter MSW program is great and also affordable. To be honest, if I had to do it all again I would go to Hunter instead of NYU for my MSW. Just my 2 cents. 

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Thank you! It's such a hard decision. Wow your background is so impressive.  You nailed it with the price though. That's exactly why I knew I needed to do the working professional program at NYU so I can pay for it as I go. Having received a masters where I didn't do that in 2011, I know how difficult it is to pay back ( took me 5 years)! Do you think Hunter has a better clinical program/ more reputable/ prepares students better to be a clinical social worker?



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I have found that they both have equally as reputable programs. NYU is mostly just clinical while Hunter has "tracks" so you can focus on what you're most interested in. So Hunter also has a clinical track. NYU can be a little more psychoanalytic while Hunter can be more psychodynamic. 

I hope that helps! 

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