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GRE waivers - take it or not?


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Hi there. Some PhD programs that I'm looking into offer a general GRE waiver if the applicant has already obtained a masters degree (with a sufficiently high GPA). If these cases, is it a good idea to take the waiver? Or is it better to CYA and submit the GRE scores anyways (I guess to prove that you don't have anything to hide)?

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Did you already take the GRE and do well? If so, there's probably no harm in submitting them, since sending the score reports aren't very expensive and it might show a strength. But if you didn't take it, or you took it and didn't do really well (e.g. Some people are bad test takers), then I probably would take the waiver? I've never been in that situation, but that's prob what I'd do :)

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