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UCSD Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BISB) 2017


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Created this topic to continue the discussion here.

I interviewed on Feb 24th and still have not received any updates. It seems like other people have tried contacting the office directly and haven't heard back yet.

If you check the results for previous years it looks like it took people a long time to hear back then as well. Someone did get an acceptance March 30th 2015 but the interview may have been March 5-7.

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Oh yea,

So I've been interviewed on Feb 3rd, no response from department. I did talk to a professor that did the interviews on Feb 24th. He didn't go over the specifics on how people get in but you can assume that the professors pick the students. And also the acceptance rate for this year should be around 30 to 50% with a total of about 70 students going to the interviews. 

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Thanks for the info doopdoop. I'm expecting we've got to hear back by the end of the month at least.

Also, have you received a reimbursement check for travel expenses yet? I'm not sure they made it clear when to expect those.

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Interviewed on February 3rd and still haven't heard from UCSD - several attempts to contact the admissions coordinator, including requests to contact me back... no indication they were even received. It's pretty unprofessional to not even respond... I get it if you can't tell me anything, but at least acknowledging that and saying that you don't have any information to give me would be nice, just so I know I'm not being snubbed.

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forgot the month
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