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Wichita State University

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Hey all! Just got accepted to Wichita State and it is one of my to choices! That being said, I haven't been able to visit and don't know much about the school or the area other than what's on their website. 

Anyone have any information? Anything helps!

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21 hours ago, sjoys said:

Hi! I have done my undergrad work at Wichita State and am accepted for the fall. What do you want to know?


Wonderful! I'm down to two schools that I'm deciding between. Grand Valley State University and Wichita State. I am extremely attracted to Wichita because of their on-campus clinical opportunities and faculty. I don't know much about the surrounding area though.  What are externship placements like? 

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I can tell you that I have loved Wichita State and it's faculty and staff. There are a lot of opportunities when it comes to externships, and the program works with you to find the best fit for what you are looking for at the time. I know one student who is from California and wanted to do her externships there, and the program was able to make that happen for one of her placements. If it's possible they will help you. Wichita is also an easy place to live in my opinion. I really don't have anything bad to say.

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