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CUNY CHemistry?


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Does anyone have experience with CUNY's chemistry department? I'm having issues deciding between them (gibney) and TAMU (barondeau). 

I know TAMU is higher ranked but Gibneys lab does some really awesome research I'd love to get my hands in. And he is, as my current PI put it "someone you would move to New York to work for"

So my questions are- what are the labs like on the campuses there? Does it vary wildly by campus or is there a minimum level of standards? How is their instrumentation? Do the students typically get a lot of experience working with different instruments or is it done mostly in collaboration?

the visit for this school system is only a half day so I have reservations about being able to learn if I would like the program or not.

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Hey i went to a cuny college for undergrad and I'm quite familiar with the chemistry professors at Brooklyn college. From what i know, youll be doing your rotations in the professors labs, which will be in their home campuses. Unfortunately some CUNY campuses are bit difficult to get to, so just a heads up for lab rotations and taking classes (if they're being taught at home campuses, not at the graduate center building). From what i know is that many of the instruments in the schools are shared among the department in the school and also campuses as well. 

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