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Advice on MSW Programs


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I noticed that a major concern for some with an online MSW is it being too expensive.

I want to apply to my state school, but I am being cognizant of my wife's future location with the military. This makes me want to consider online programs.

I will be able to use my GI Bill and maybe yellow ribbon program to pay for most if not all of my MSW. Since cost will most likely not be a factor or a very small one, should I reconsider my state school for a more prestigious online one that I get into?

I've read on here that big name schools don't matter too much, but if I have the government footing the tab and it is online should I reconsider?

My concerns with MSW:

  1. Prefer my current university, but if my wife goes to <insert other state> I would want to be near her.

  2. I would also apply to the state she has moved to.

  3. Online is a possibility, but I don't want to sacrifice the integrity of my degree and I want to be prepared for eventual LCSW and/or policy work. I will be at the mercy of where she is stationed at and what is available for employment.

If there is anything else I should consider please let me know!

EDIT: Some more info... I am concerned if it says online on my degree/transcripts in any form. I've done online courses before for my undergraduate and I love them.

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Hi Navers,

So I applied to 3 online programs: Boston University, Fordham & Buffalo.  Having already a masters, I am extremely cognizant of cost and that was my reasoning for applying to these 3 programs b/c for me the opposite was true.  Because of the fact that they are online, I knew I would be able to continue my job (in finance).  At the very last second, I applied to 1 non online program (in addition to 1 other non-online program that is only ~25k so I will not even include it in this scenario), and I am leaning towards that program ironically.  I was accepted into all online programs and some with scholarship but something about the thought of 'in -person' and developing those contacts and nurturing relationships with professors, alumni and other students really mattered to me when push came to shove. Not sure if this helped at all, but figured I'd share my experience. Best of luck!

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