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Emory vs. GWU

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Hi all, 

I've narrowed my programs to two, but I am having incredible difficulty choosing. Early Modern/Performance Studies/Disability Studies because I know you'll want to know. Does anyone here have strong opinions about GWU and/or Emory? Is one ranked higher (US News aside)? Do you see one as a better program once on the job market? They both have resources and faculty useful to the project I want to do, so it can't come down to that. And they've both been very generous and supportive (and unusually warm and kind). 


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The only reason I'd say GWU might be faculty (Jeff Cohen and Holly Dugan are great, and would particularly be so if you were doing eco stuff), BUT Emory is just as good with Patricia Cahill and Jonathan Goldberg, and it's a much more prestigious school. So, go to Emory, unless you see yourself entering the specific subfield of GWU's faculty strengths (which, if you stick to performance/disability, you won't be).

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Yes, Jeff Cohen and Holly Dugan are great at GWU, and I would add Ayanna Thompson to that group, as she deals with early modern performance. She's also a wonderful person, for what it's worth. That being said, I'd still opt for Emory for any number of reasons...but mainly for the stature and the reputation of the program. GWU's location in D.C. is also a double-edged sword: you have access to the LOC, Folger, and dozens of other vital research resources...but the campus is as urban as it gets, right smack-dab in the middle of the city, and just a pain to navigate. And the cost of living in D.C. is sky-high, whereas Atlanta is much more reasonable.

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