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George Washington vs Georgia State

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Hey guys, I'm currently trying to decide between these two schools. I got a grad assistantship to GW, but still in the end will have to take out around 40k in loans for the two years. The program and city seems like a better fit for me, with their specific labs and professors, and the grad assistantship means I would gain a lot of unique experiences with clinic, research, and TAing. I'm not sure, however, if it's worth the cost. For GSU there is a possibility I can get a full tuition waiver, and even if not, it is still cheaper than GW. It's also closer to family and Atlanta is cheaper than DC. Basically, not sure if going to a new location (I really don't want to stay in Georgia), at a more prestigious school is worth 40k in the end. Part of me is thinking I should just go to the cheaper school, then afterwards can move to any new location, but I'm not sure. Any advice? 

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4 hours ago, Blue J said:

Congrats!!! Did you decide yet or do you still need some advice? 

I ended up deciding on Georgia state! Cheaper and closer to home, and still an all around good program. 

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