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Hi guys,

I am currently thinking of applying to a business school for my masters from social sciences. My field is extremely unsatisfying and kinda bullshit, and I am interested in corporate social responsibility. I have no idea how business schools work and am a bit concerned about my background having nothing to do with business so I'm posting here for some feedback - ofc I would like to get into a top grad school. 

McGill: Joint Honours - Political Science and International Economic Development

cum. GPA: 3.5 - 3.55 (not great I know). Major GPA: 3.65 - 3.75. My grades in econ classes are not too great (B ish, one A). 

No GRE yet. 


  • research in international law with a prof (paid, including field trip)
  • 4 years working part-time for a juridical government body as an interpreter
  • also 20 000 student jobs waiting tables etc. throughout university 
  • one internship with a diplomatic delegation to an international security organization (highly regarded - but in my field...)
  • one internship at the UN

I am fluent in 4 languages (of which English, French, and Spanish). 

Writing my thesis on brain drain and corporate social responsibility. 

I am taking a year off next year to either try to get a job in the corporate world or work on a project of my own. I will do my GRE next winter and apply as well.


Even though my GPA is not great, I still think I could get into a good masters in political science, but I want to switch. How does that look for me? What should I do?


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Do you know what programs are available and/or which schools you are interested in? Work experience is definitely an asset for business PhDs, as most don't take people from undergrad. But if you're looking for a research-based masters, that might not matter as much.

PM me if you dont want to discuss details out here. I'm in Canada and I also applied to business programs from a social/life science (psych).

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