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I've been naughty.


Did Minnesotan do it on purpose?  

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  1. 1. Did Minnesotan do it on purpose?

    • Yes - he's such a naughty devil!
    • No - he's just too stupid to use a computer!
    • Who cares - it was only three threads!
    • You mods need to get laid so you quit acting like idiots.

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Freakingout: sorry about the extra spam in your forum today. I was jerking around with the moderator control panel and thought to myself, "How deliciously evil would it be to, instead of deleting all of my spam for the day, move it into another moderator's forum, and let him deal with it?"

Well, having been carried away by my devilish nature, I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, I forgot about that other side of my nature - you know, the one that doesn't enjoy kicking puppies or stealing lollies from children (I forget what that side's called; I don't see it that often). That side said I had better come apologize.

(Okay, so the real story is that I did it accidentally. Elaborate lies are so much better than mundane truths, I find.)

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I'm just jealous I hadn't thought of that yet.

On the other hand, please don't move spam into my forums. I'm just returning from a nearly month-long absence due to school and travels and conferences...

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