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Announcing The Grad Academy, an Online Course for Graduate Students


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Hello, Everyone!

My wife and I wanted to tell everyone about our new online course, The Grad Academy. We've taught graduate students across the nation through our face to face workshops, and we just recently put everything online.

We teach graduate students the skill sets they need to succeed in their MA and PhD programs, including conquering academic writing, demystifying academic reading, and decreasing impostor phenomenon feelings. Our participants have reported increases in productivity, reading, and writing (93%, 95%, 95%) and 100% of participants very strongly or strongly (94%, 6%) recommended The Grad Academy to other graduate students.

If you're interested, we posted one module from The Grad Academy on The Literature Review Matrix, available on Youtube here: 


The Full Grad Academy Provides Information on: 

  • Impostor Phenomenon and Academia
  • How to Think Like Successful Academics
  • Academic Efficiency
  • Conquering Academic Reading
  • Demystifying Academic Writing
  • Mastering Academic Research

We're hoping that The Grad Academy can reach the students who haven't been able to come to our face to face workshops. We also have a blog at http://thegradacademy.com/blog/.

Wishing you all the very best,

Jonathan and Jayme Cisco, PhD



(Note: We've tried to contact the moderators prior to submitting this announcement. We don't want to spam anyone. We're happy to remove this if inappropriate.)

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