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Hi, everyone!

I got two offers from MERM program at UBC and MEC program at Alberta. But I am struggling with the decision. FYI, both programs I applied for require the completion of a thesis.

UBC is one of the top universities in Canada and Vancouver is a comfortable city to live in. But I do not have any fundings. It is expensive to live in Vancouver. Also, my supervisor told me the chance becoming a RA is low for a master student considering we have many courses and lack of skills. In fact, I plan to pursue a doctorate degree after finishing my graduate study and hope to gain more experience and have some publications if possible. So I am worried about whether the program is helpful for my future application for PhD. Can I have many research opportunities at UBC?


Besides, the supervisor's research interests at Alberta are more appealing to me than UBC's.  And the supervisor promised me to become his RA and work in his projects. So the funding and  research opportunities are guaranteed.  But I am not sure whether the program is high of quality. Could some guys answer my questions?


I compare both two programs and find course credits are the same. So why could students at Alberta have time working research projects but students at UBC could not? I sincerely hope people who know about these two programs could give me some advice. Thanks a lot!!

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