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Tough MA decisions


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I've been accepted to a handful of MA programs. My decision is looking like it will come down to Georgia State, Milwaukee, or Houston. The two most important criteria for me are placement and funding. Adjusted for cost-of-living, Houston's and Milwaukee's funding are roughly equivalent (assuming I get off the wait list at Milwaukee), though assistantship duties at Houston are quite a bit lighter, it seems, than at Milwaukee. Georgia State's funding offer is less than the other two, and has heavier (though manageable) assistantship requirements than the other two.

Placement is trickier to compare; Milwaukee seems to have the most consistently solid record in the last four years or so, followed very closely by Georgia State. However, Houston's placement in the last two years is actually stronger than the other two programs. Before that, it's a bit spottier, though still decent.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this? I'm leaning toward Milwaukee or Houston, but my mind is far from made up, and the clock is ticking.

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Not sure if anyone from Milwaukee has been in contact with you about this, but we had a very strong year (for Fall 2017) in terms of placement. We have students accepted at NYU, Rutgers, Oxford, Harvard, Pitt USC, UCLA, Chicago, Austin, Riverside, etc. Feel free to message me if you want some more specific information.

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