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advice for making a decision


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Hi, folks

I'm applicant for master's degree in Communication.

I narrow down into two universities. One is SDSU the other University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

My interest is health communication. 


SDSU has good faculties for health communication, but here is no funding.

They said I'm on wait list for GTA, so they are not sure about the position of Teaching Assistant. 

San Diego whether is good, but living expense is so expensive I guess.


UW-Milwaukee does not have any strong curriculum for health communication. But one or two professors are working on similar field, not exactly heath communication.

However, they offer me full funding. Living expense is relatively cheaper than San Diego. 


SDSU sounds good when it only comes to the field of study.

However, financial problem is always driving me crazy..

When it comes to UW-milwaukee, I'm little bit worried about the ranking of that program because I want to continue for Ph.D in top school... I hope. 


I am planning to continue to study for Ph.D 

In this situation, I'm a little bit confused which choice would be better for me. 

Any advice would be great help for me. 

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