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Questions to ask current students

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I have the option to be in contact with some current students of the master's program I will be attending. Does anyone have any good questions I should ask? I feel like I am forgetting things. 

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Here are a few:

What is the internship placement process? How soon do you find out where your internship will be? Are you required to contact internship sites?

Are there any additional attendance requirements other than classes and clinic?


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Since I am commuting to grad school, I asked current students of all programs I visited if they had a far commute, and what parking on campus was like during the week. Some campuses had ample parking for commuters, others were a crap-shoot and you'd be circling around following people waiting for a spot. When you're coming from an hour+ away, things like that matter! :) I also asked current students if they work in addition to their coursework and placements, and if so; how many hours per week they feel is feasible given their academic course load.

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