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Anyone admitted to FSU or UPenn?

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Hi all,

I am really interested in biosocial crim and neurocrim, and i will therefore be applying to schools that have faculty actively involved in researching those topics. The main schools i know of for this are UPenn, FSU, and UCin. Luckily, there is also a new professor here (i'm in GA) at GSU who researches those areas, so i'm going to apply there too. I have not taken my GRE yet, but i am going to be taking it in May. I was wondering if anyone has been admitted to UPenn and FSU with funding? I know all schools are competitive, but i feel that UPenn and FSU are especially competitive. UPenn emphasizes research experience (i've only done volunteer work in an advocacy group) and FSU wants certain GRE scores. I've heard from some of you that FSU is picky about offering funding.

If anyone has been admitted to those two schools, (with funding) could you possibly tell me about your student profile? I'm nervous since i have a MS and no research experience. I do have a 3.788 grad GPA though and the advocacy volunteer experience. I feel like UPenn isn't going to acknowledge me with my lack of research, and i'd rather not waste money applying there if that is the case. Thanks!

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