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GRE admin questions based on previous exams?


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1. 1 hour swim day before exam? Yay, nay?
2. What is the variation of question difficulty in  a section? I feel like I always get an easy question towards the end, one question hard in the beginning and from 12-15 in the math sections always the hardest.?
3. What percenatage of test takers take the exam and end up with an experimental section? Does it vary between written and computerized?
4. How much time to read each sections instructions?
5. Is a quant or verbal experimental generally less strenuous? ANY way to tell from the questions? I don't really care about my verbal score for engineering programs
6. How and when should I setup my scratchpad, does it use a pen or a marker, can I erase on it easily, do I have enough paper?

7. Caffeine break? Preferably a hot cup of coffee, is it possible during the 10 min break? to get even a red bull from my locker?
8. Can I bring my own earpeice/sound blockerss ?
8a. caffeine during latter half, I feel like this is a good strategy? Would I be able to walk out of the center to buy caffeine or go to my locker to buy caffeine?
9.Any limit on the number of bathroom breaks in case I want to walk around if I'm done early on a section or just stand up in place(any penalty for this)? I have two spinal hernias and its just to much of a PIA to seek accomodation, not to mention I no longer have insurance. Being in one position for so long is physically painful. Can I just walk out and tell the instructor on the way out or do I have to wait for them to come in 

On a written GRE how much scrap apaper are you given? Do you have to handwrite your essays? On the GRE are you given a notebook with a marker or pencil?

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