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April 15 Deadline


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I'm probably overthinking this, but out of curiosity, one if the program's I was accepted to said to respond by April 15 with my admissions decision; another said that I had until April 15. The wording of the former makes me think that I'd need to respond by end of day on the 14th, and as it's almost 9:00pm central, I don't have a way of contacting someone within the program for clarification. Is it likely that I should have through the end of day tomorrow to actually respond? I have one more waitlisted school I'd like to give a little more time to respond before I make my final decision.

Many thanks!

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I think it means by the end of the day on the 15th, but why take my word for it? Call the school first thing in the morning on the 15th and ask. They wouldn't have had any time to contact the next person on the wait list since 11:59pm on the 14th so you'll be ok. 

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