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MSW at The University of Chicago or University of Michigan

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Hi folks,

I gained admission to both University of Chicago and University if Michigan for a MSW in Social Work. I'm specifically interested in issues of migration and human rights with a focus on the Arab region (international social welfare and development work in an INGO is what I would like to do). 

I'm really undecided about where to go. Michigan gave me a bit more money and I assume Ann Arbor is a bit cheaper than Chicago. However, I don't think the connections I would be able to make in Ann Arbor would be like those I could have in Chicago. Incidentally, I also got accepted to Columbia's program but they are very expensive and hardly gave me any money. They areally also not very responsive...

I wanted to know: which program has a better curriculum for the type of work I am interested in? Which program has better networking opportunities, mentoring and support?

Any information would be much appreciated ?


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