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UCL vs Birkbeck?

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I have central interest in psychoanalysis. I have offer from Birkbeck - psychosocial studies and UCL - Theoretical Psychoanalysis. I do not have yet scholarship from any one of them and so my admission depends on loan. I will have to keep that in mind, UCL is more expensive than Birkbeck. I am interested in both the programme. As Birkbeck allows me to extend psychoanalysis to culture and society, while UCL looks at psychoanalysis theoretically. I will be engaging with themes of mental health and schizophrenia. Also, not sure which course has better chance of leading up a job to pay off loan?

Later on, I wish to pursue Phd. I see my career as academician and therapist.

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Hi! Well, not the easiest decision. First, check where you will have a chance to work after graduation, also look at the internships which are more popular and relevant to your course. 

I had a friend of a friend who studied psychology in UCL. I do not remember the exact course title of her studies but the reason why she decided to go to UCL was that UCL is the best uni for psychology and all related courses to it. I did not do personal research but that what I heard.

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