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A sticky post-April 15 situation

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Well - I had a difficult choice to make. I'm post another doctoral degree, but I want to teach, so a PhD was strongly recommended by advisers as my next step.

My pre-April 15th choices were:

1. Stay with an adviser I love working with but get paid little (until I get a grant) and spend another 4 years in school (non-negotiable - he needs the labor). Less than ideal resources -and not near home.

2. Start a new program near home with a great school and slightly better pay. 

3. Get a job. This is appealing, because I have a lot of student loan debt from grad school.

I chose option #2, then my husband's job offered full time in a field in which it is difficult to find employment. He now no longer wants me to pursue option #2, but it is now well after April 15. I think changing to a job from a PhD would be different, but the resolution is pretty clear on not choosing other graduate programs after April 15th. 

Also - school #2 is where I hoped to work someday in the future, so upsetting them is less than ideal.

Any advice appreciated. 

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I think it depends on a few things...here are some things I would wonder about (as you know I am in a similar situation so I can't help too much but will try):

1. Is the advisor you would be working with in this program big in your field? I am guessing so bc you said your field is small...

2. Maybe you could see if the other school that you didn't pick would still accept you

3. If they will accept you, and you really don't want to go to the school you originally chose, maybe just blame it on husband's job etc. No one can really argue with personal reasons..but make sure to do it in a way that does not alienate anyone and leaves the door open to working with them in the future.

4. If the other school will not accept you..maybe the PhD you chose is the best option, since if you don't go to either program I'm not sure how likely it is that either will accept you in the future. On the other hand, maybe there are other schools that would accept you in the future depending on your field and preferred geographic location.

5. I don't know about what your field is but in my field a job is pretty much impossible without a PhD...just something to consider

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