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Profile evaluation and University suggestions: Which are the best universities I can apply to for a PhD (Econ.) with the current profile?


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My areas of interest: International Economics/Trade (Trade and Development).



Publications—2 papers published in IOSR- JEF (Areas: Macroecon, Trade)

MSc(Econ),School of Economics, Symbiosis International University (‘14–’16)—3.12/ 4.0

BSc(Physics with Mathematics and Statistics) from Fergusson College (‘11- ‘14)— 80.33/100

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I would advise you to work on your GRE. Q159 does not seem competitive even for medium-range schools. If you look at the GRE tables by intended major you will see that 30% of econ applicants have scores 165+. With such a solid mathematical background you can score 167+ with some practice. It seems like these standarized tests matter more for people from not-so-well-known unis and intentional applicants. V149 may also disqualify you straight away at some (many?) schools. 

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